The Brand

Error offers made-to-order wear, crafted in exclusive styles that are tailored for your comfort and to replicate your style. Starting in 2020, the brand focuses on highlighting the various cuts, patterns, silhouettes and drape techniques.

We create contemporary yet timeless outfits from hand-woven fabrics.

Each of our outfits is, therefore, made to suit and handcrafted meticulously supported your inputs. We believe fashion should be comfortable and  ‘Some Errors are Beautiful’!

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Errors Are Beautiful

The designs are made full of mistakes, errors, imperfections and faults. These errors in designs make designs more beautiful, because design is the process of learning, improving and moving a step further. Without it, design would be dull and boring. One of the main reasons behind the concept of creative and beautiful designs is “making mistakes”.

A child always makes mistakes in order to learn how to walk and that thing is going to make him strong and better than before. Scientists had done a number of wrong experiments to make the right discoveries that influenced the life of people and changed the whole world.

So never afraid of making mistakes instead learn from them. There is no shame in making mistakes, give yourself some space in doing the things again and giving yourself some exposure.

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